Your sales reps are gonna love

Register orders on you tablet. Easy and safe.
Register quotes and orders while visiting customers.
Save Quotes in SuperOffice or register order in your accounting system.


Order registration for sales reps on the road. Simply. Safely.

This is how it works:

InOrder lets you go through the entire order process safely on your iPad or Android tablet.

Open InOrder and do the following:


  1. Choose or create customer
  2. Add desired products/product lines with the correct price and discount from your accounting system
  3. Obtain the customer’s signature directly on the tablet (optional)
  4. Quotations are saved in SuperOffice. Orders are transferred to your accounting system


InOrder is especially ingenious for sales reps on the road.

At customer meetings it is possible to safely create orders with the customer, obtain a signature immediately as well as begin the execution immediately.

The order is now registered in the accounting system and can be approved by the finance department.


ipad med inorder 1b

Obtain the customer’s signature immediately.
The order is registered directly in your accounting system.

Primary functions

  • Choose existing customer. Is retrieved from your ERP system
  • Create a new customer. Is transferred to your ERP system
  • Create new orders
  • Choose products from lists. Is retrieved from your ERP system with the correct price and discount
  • Use the barcode reader
  • Check inventory for products
  • Signature
  • Check invoice history
  • Parts list/structures
  • Replacement product
  • Integration with SuperOffice. Quotations are saved
  • Integration with ERP. Orders are registered directly
Do you have any questions regarding InOrder?
Call: +47 21 98 69 70 



Visma Business Visma Global
 Visma Mamut Azets
 Microsoft Ax Microsoft Nav





We support the following systems:

Keyforce ERP Synchronization supports the following accounting and professions systems:

  • Visma Business
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Mamut
  • Azets
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2009->2017, 365)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (2009->2012, 365)

Integration to SuperOffice are free.

If you are unsure whether your accounting system is supported, then please call us at: +47 21 98 69 70


This is what InOrder looks like

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The welcome screen let's you see all your active quotes and orders and presents the last period graphically.


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Looking for all names that contains "Abb"
Create new by clicking +

Select Customer

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InOrder retrieves products directly from your accounting system.
Optimized for your normal searching.

Choose product

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Get the signature from the customer



inorder cust

Try now for free

You can try InOrder free by downloading the app on your tablet:

Apple Appstore - if you have an iPad:

appstore logo apple


Google Play - if you have an Android: 

 appstore logo android


Once the app is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions.
If you have any trouble downloading the app, please call us at: +47 21 98 69 70

InOrder is developed and maintained by: Keyforce

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All prices are listed without VAT and in EUR.


Normal user per month: 16 euro


Extra ERP accounting user per month: 24 Euro

If InOrder needs to be integrated with several accounting systems.


External user per month: 8 Euro

User locked to one specific customer

Integration to SuperOffice are free.


Go to our order form or call: +47 21 98 69 70


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Versjon 2.4 (september 2018):

- Støtte for Win10

- Når dokument sendes ut, sette mva per dokument i

  stedet for om mva er aktivert på enheten

- Last inn tekst på mail

- Støtter produkt bilde og bildekarusell iPad og Android

- Ikke vis dialog for maler når kun en er aktiv


Versjon 2.5 (november 2018):

- Støtter nå mange flere ERP system, se liste ovenfor

- Redigerbare maler i Office 365 i Win10

- Forbedret struktur behandling i Win10

- Redigere direkte i tilbudslinjer i Win10

- Mulighet for farge/font/størrelse i Word maler

- Mulighet for bakgrunnsfarge og fontfarge i Word maler

- Auto oppdater poststed ved registrering av postnr

- Mulighet å opprette salg ved søk på kunde i SO brukes

- Fjerne valg i alle dropdown lister

- Støtter produkt bilde og bildekarusell i Win10 


Versjon 2.6 Win10 (Mars 2019):

- Dynamisk felt oppsett, legge til nye felt i ordrelinjer

- Del levering av ordre til ERP, ny kolonner "Lever nå" og "Levert"

- Posisjons håndtering

- Opsjons håndtering



Versjon 2.61 Win10 (mai 2019):

- Dynamisk felt oppsett, legge til nye felt i ordrehode

- Knytt ordre til eksisternde salg i SuperOffice 

- Flere valg i meny for å slå av og på kolonner  



Versjon 2.62 Win10 (juni 2019):

- Dynamisk oppsett på velge kunde/prospect fra SuperOffice eller ERP

- Dynamisk oppsett for å søke etter produkt med lagerbeholdning

- Forbedret henting av historiske ordre