Simple and flexible online accounting system
integrated with SuperOffice Online

This is how it works

e-conomic for SuperOffice Online automatically ensures that your customer data in SuperOffice Online is always identical to the ones in e-conomic.

  • Optional two-way synchronization between SuperOffice Online and your accounting system
  • See customer details as well as invoice and order lines directly in SuperOffice
  • Transfer new customers from SuperOffice to the accounting system with one click
  • Stay in SuperOffice. Avoid sales reps working in the accounting system

e-conomic for SuperOffice Online makes all the crucial customer information, invoice information etc. available directly in SuperOffice.

This ensures that your SuperOffice users will not have to waste their time looking up information in e-conomic.

This saves time and improves the daily work experience for your sales reps, customer service, and all other employees with customer relations.

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e-conomic for SuperOffice Online guarantees a higher data quality and optimizes the work process.
Stay in SuperOffice even if you have to see invoice lines and balances.


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