Obvious benefits

Our integration generates value from the word Go! and ensures that your SuperOffice users get a more efficient and better daily work experience. 

  • Stay in SuperOffice. Avoid opening the accounting system
  • Save time. Access customer information faster
  • Better customer service. Answer questions regarding the customers’ invoices faster
  • Find the customer information yourself and avoid consulting the finance department
  • Better data quality. The integration ensures that the master data is identical in both systems
  • Obtain a better customer insight in a much simpler way
  • Avoid double registration. Create customers in SuperOffice and transfer them to the accounting system with one click

Do you have any questions regarding e-conomic for SuperOffice?

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Simple and safe implementation

e-conomic for SuperOffice is a standard app for SuperOffice, and therefore the installation is simple and safe.

We connect to your server via a remote connection, and the implementation takes approximately half a day.

Here you can download a PDF with the minimum requirements for the installation:

Minimum requirements

Which SuperOffice versions?

We support the following SuperOffice versions:

  • SuperOffice 7.0, 7.1, 7.5
  • SuperOffice 8 onPremise
  • SuperOffice 8 Online

If you are not a SuperOffice Online customer, we support both Windows and the web client.

We support SuperOffice Online in all of the most widely used browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari et al.