Digital Signature in SuperOffice

Maximize your efficiency with Digital signature  - directly from SuperOffice CRM 

How it works

With the digital signing App you can send documents for signing directly from SuperOffice CRM. 

  • Digital signing enabled our customers to use strong identification
  • A smooth customer experience and efficiency enable successful sales
  • Update your customer experience to meet modern demands and offer more digital services with Digital Signature
  • Sharing and signing documents quickly boosts the most important part of sales: closing the deal. It is important that the customer receives the document anywhere.
  • As the seller, you can prepare the contract, send it to be signed and monitor the sales process.


Digital Signature: Fast, Efficient, Secure
Take document signing and archiving to the next level.

You can easily install the App from SuperOffice AppStore - Check out: SuperOffice App Store

SignereListe dokument til signering

The integration is user friendly and embedded inside SuperOffice CRM

Digital Signature directly from SuperOffice CRM Online

Soon available in SuperOffice App Store.


Compatible with


  • SuperOffice 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 8.0 Onsite
  • SuperOffice CRM Online



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IdFy  SuperOffice   VismaSign  SuperOffice


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